Guest Announcement: Cosplay/Costume Designer CANDY KEANE!

Candy Keane is a professional  costume designer, costumer and owner of Three Muses Inspired Clothing costume and corset boutique in Jacksonville, Florida.  Her award winning costumes have been featured in magazines, TV and movies since starting Three Muses in 2005.

She is most well known for making and wearing the Slave Leia outfits featured in Empire Magazine and the E! Channel’s Top 25 Most Memorable Swimsuit Moments and also making the Leia costume Kristen Bell wears in the movie Fanboys.

When Candy isn’t working in her boutique, she can usually be found at conventions and events dressed up in a variety of costumes, quite often as Wonder Woman or Harley Quinn. She was most recenly featured in the book and Morgan Spurlock documentry ComicCon Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope as both Wonder Woman and Slave Leia.

Candy had to miss our first WasabiCon due to a scheduling conflict, but we’re thrilled she’s available for Year Two!


Official Website: