THANK YOU from WasabiCon 2015 for another successful convention!

THANK YOU to everyone who was a part of WasabiCon 2015.  YEAR FOUR of WasabiCon took place October 31-November 1, 2015 at the Jacksonville Marriott in Jacksonville, Florida.  We are proud to announce that we had 1814 unique attendees ( with 2301 turnstile) over the two days.  Special thanks to our Guests, Featured Talent, and Fan Groups this year!

  • GUEST: Amanda Miller – The voice of Sailor Jupiter in Sailor Moon Crystal
  • GUEST: David Sobolov – The voice of Gorilla Grodd in CW’s The Flash
  • GUEST: Triston Johnson – Zombie from The Walking Dead
  • FEATURED TALENT: Candy Keane – Cosplay Model
  • FEATURED TALENT: Jig to a Milestone – Musical Act
  • FEATURED TALENT: Miss Fushi – Internet Personality
  • FEATURED TALENT: Tom Nabbe – Disney Legend
  • FEATURED TALENT: Noise Complaint Live – Performance Group
  • FEATURED TALENT: Seth Kubersky – Theme Park Author
  • FAN GROUP: 1701st Fleet
  • FAN GROUP: Essential Paranormal Society
  • FAN GROUP: Extra Life Team Jax
  • FAN GROUP: Jedi Academy of North Florida
  • FAN GROUP: Umbrella Corps 219th Division Brain Surgeons

In addition, our show wouldn’t be what it is without the support of some AMAZING sponsors:

borderlands   Calliope Games   The CW 17 - WCWJ Jacksonville   Fireside Games   Formal Ferret Games   FUNimation   guidebook    Japan Candy Box   Jimmy John's   Kawaii Box   Mythical Mountain   Rio Grande Games   Steve Jackson Games   Uber   Video Game Rescue

LASTLY: no convention is made possible without a talented staff to create and maintain the “magic”.  A heartfelt thanks goes out to Adam, Annie, Francis, Iris, Janice, Jason, Jessica, Jo, Juanita, Kaitlyn, Kaleb, Katie, Kelly, Ken, Lyn, Mandy, Myna, Russell, Savanna, Scott, Shannon, TJ, Tom Nabbe, and Tracy.

A very special thanks (and shout out) to Ryan Mulligan for being the “local glue” that holds WasabiCon together.

We are working on details already for WasabiCon 2016 – so watch this website (and our social media) for updates!

If you want to connect with other WasabiCon fans like you, we suggest you join the WasabiCon Fans Facebook Group:

Thanks again everyone – and see you in 2016!

Tom Croom
2016 Convention Manager