WasabiCon 2016 was a success!

Dear Jacksonville Cosplayers, Gamers, & Geeks:

Thank you.  Seriously.  We mean it!  You have made WasabiCon an integral part of fan culture in Jacksonville, Florida.  In just five years, we’ve grown a one day show about “anime and video games” into a weekend experience celebrating anime, cosplay, comics, fantasy, science fiction, tabletop games, video games, and a multitude of other pop culture genres.  In just five years we’ve built a place where a family dressed as Marvel superheroes can take photos with a meet up of Furries while a panel for Homestucks is taking place in a room next to a video game tournament.

In short: you helped us create a home for fandom in Jacksonville, Florida.

In October of 2016, over 2,500 fans came to our convention over its two days.  Aside from engaging in panels, workshops, games, cosplay, vendors, and the usual fare… our fans also accomplished two pretty amazing things:

  • LifeSouth Community Blood Centers took over a section of our event and garnered 52 blood donations during the con.  According to their metrics – “one blood donation can save up to three lives” – so you can see how impactful this is.
  • Toys For Tots got a bump from our Charity Auction on Sunday in the amount of $621.  The generosity of our attendees just made Christmas a little better for Florida’s children this year.  (Click here for a message from the auction’s coordinator.)

None of this would be possible without our amazing 2016 staff.  So many thanks to Adam, Amanda, Annie, Becky, Chris, Dani, Danielle, Diane, Francis, Jason, Joe, John, the other John, Kaleb, Kate, Kelly, LeAnna, Lisa, Lyn, Mandy, Myna, Ray, Ron, Russ, Ryan, Savanna, Shannon, TJ, and Tracy.  Special shout out to the team from Noise Complaint for their operations support this year, too!

Sponsors are an important part of making any event succeed, and ours were invaluable this year to help us with our expansion into a new property.  An immense thank you is due to Autobahn Indoor Speedway, Blackfinn Ameripub, Borderlands Comics and Games, Buzz Magazine, FunimationJacksonville RollerGirls, Johnny Angel’s Diner, Kessler Creative, Legendary Games, Nintendo, Steve Jackson Games, Sweet Pete’s, The Great Escape Room, Video Game Rescue, and the amazing team at Visit Jacksonville.

We are immensely proud at what WasabiCon has become for Jacksonville, and we plan on expanding even further next year.  Watch this website (and our social media) for updates as we begin planning for 2017… and once more, thank you.

Tom Croom
WasabiCon 2016 Event Director