WasabiCon Online

We’re all disappointed in the unfortunate (but necessary) cancelation of WasabiCon 2020 this year, but we still want to connect with you all! Next month we are hosting WasabiCon Online: a weekend long celebration of anime, cosplay, gaming, and geek culture in Jacksonville, Florida.

The presentation will be a live stream focusing on the facets of fandom that we all love. WasabiCon Online will be presented on the Wasabi Anime Twitch Channel:

  • Saturday, October 3rd from 12 PM to 9 PM
  • Sunday, October 4th from 12 PM to 6 PM

The event is free and the schedule with details will be posted on WasabiCon.com/Online in the coming days.


Watch the WasabiCon Online programming on Twitch. Follow here.

WASABICON ONLINE PIN + BADGE (2021 Registered Attendees… FREE!)

Did you register for WasabiCon 2020 and opted to have your badge transferred to 2021? Thank you! We will be mailing you the WasabiCon online enamel pin (Wasabizilla in a face mask) along with the convention badge and a bonus pin from one of our other past Green Mustard Entertainment events. These will ship out before November.


Do you want to get this year’s Wasabizilla pin and the official event badge for this year’s convention? You can support WasabiCon to come back stronger next year by purchasing the pin/laminate package for a limited time. Click here to order. All orders ship out before November.

NOTE: Badge artwork is not final. Actual event badge may look different.