Cosplay Lip Sync Battle

Cosplay Lip Sync Battle WasabiCon


We’re trying a new event we’ve learned from our sister show, Fandom PDX in Portland, Oregon, and we’re partnering with Noise Complaint to make it happen. Be sure to RSVP on Facebook for any last minute updates:

Channel your inner pop star (or rock star… or country star… you get it, right?) while “performing” Milli Vanilli (Ashley Simpson?) style in your chosen character costume. Please review the rules before entering because we have updated some of them for the newer version of the competition.

Sign up for the Cosplay Lip Sync Battle takes place at 12:30 PM on Sunday, October 20th in Programming A (the Propeller room at the Lexington.) You must be there at this time to participate and fill out the contest paperwork. Entries will be accepted in the order received.

Entrants must be in Main Events at 2:00 PM for set up.

The contest will start at 2:30 PM in Main Events.


1. You must have purchased an entry into WasabiCon 2019 in order to enter/present on stage for the Cosplay Lip Sync Competition.

2. The Cosplay Lip Sync Competition is a family-oriented event. Please keep all costumes to a “PG-13″ rating (i.e. no nudity or overly revealing attire). Additionally, performances should not be lewd or suggestive.

3. All songs submitted must be terrestrial radio appropriate.

4. Songs must be provided on a USB drive in MP3 format to be copied onto the event’s laptop. WasabiCon staff will not be able to convert, decrypt, or rip songs for you, so please test it before bringing it to the competition.

5. Songs must be no longer than three (3) minutes. If you provide a song longer than three minutes, the tech will stop the song at the three minute mark. If you want to start the song at a different start time, you MUST provide the start time on your entry form OR provide an edited MP3 starting at the appropriate time.

6. The competition is limited to fifteen (15) entries who are accepted in the order of their application received. Five (5) additional stand-by applications will be accepted, but are not guaranteed to participate.

7. It should go without saying, but just in case: this is a cosplay event. You must be in a costume/cosplay to perform in this competition.

-Best in Show
-Runner Up