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Main Events

Check out WasabiCon’s key presentations for this year.

WasabiCon offers an abundance of programming throughout the weekend for a variety of interests. We typically post the complete schedule with all of our planned contests, competitions, panels, workshops and other entertainment. Listed here are some of the main events to be aware of when you attend this year’s convention.

ANX Kpop/Jpop Battles

ANX Kpop/Jpop Battles is a live Kpop/Jpop Dance-Cover event where fans of all kinds come together to showcase their favorite dances.

EVENT DAY & TIME: Saturday at 6:30 PM
EVENT LOCATION: Main Events (Ballroom North)

Celebrity Q&A Panels

Media guests who appear at WasabiCon participate in at least one Q&A (question and answer) session each day of the convention. This is your opportunity to ask your favorite star about their experiences and listen to their stories about working in the industry.

Cosplay Lip Sync Battle

“Perform” your favorite song in costume during this popular musical competition.

EVENT DAY & TIME: Sunday at 3:30 PM
EVENT LOCATION: Main Events (Ballroom North)

Costume Contest

Showcase your latest cosplay in our yearly main stage competition.

EVENT DAY & TIME: Saturday at 4:30 PM
EVENT LOCATION: Main Events (Ballroom North)

Maid Cafe

Anime/pop culture con-based maid cafe with a focus on Akihabara authenticity. (Separate ticket required.)

EVENT DAY & TIME: Multiple seatings each day.
EVENT LOCATION: Maid Cafe (Room 105)

WasabiCon's Cosplay Kickoff Event

Kick off WasabiCon in Cosplay at Selfie WRLD Jacksonville! (Separate ticket required.)

EVENT DAY & TIME: Friday at 7:00 PM
EVENT LOCATION: Selfie WRLD Jacksonville