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Questions of the Frequently Asked variety.
Are face masks required at WasabiCon?

Yes. You must wear an approved face covering to attend WasabiCon 2021. You can read our detailed policy regarding this here:

What exactly is a “pop culture convention”?

WasabiCon, and events like it, are referred to by a number of phrases such as “anime convention”, “comic con”, “geek event” or “pop culture festival” (just to name a few). This style of convention is usually a ticketed event with certain standard elements that fans have come to expect.

  • A Vendors Room with specialized businesses selling everything from toys to comics to games to anything that would be interesting to fans of the event’s theme.
  • An Artist Alley where locals showcase and sell prints, crafts and non-commercial items.
  • Celebrities who appear to meet fans by signing autographs (typically for a price) and appear on stage for panels and/or question and answer sessions.
  • Panel Rooms where fans and subject matter experts can host seminars about a variety of topics.
  • Game Rooms where attendees can play for fun or, occasionally, in a competition with others. This includes both video (digital) and tabletop (analog) style games.
  • A Costume Contest and other cosplay related presentations and workshops.
What is “anime”?

Anime is hand-drawn and computer animation originating from Japan. Popular titles in North America include Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Naruto and My Hero Academia. When used in the term “anime convention”, the phrase usually implies including other elements from Asian pop culture such as manga, K-pop music and video games.

Can I bring my child to the convention?

Most programming at WasabiCon is designed to be in line with the MPAA’s “PG-13” rating when it comes to content, so keep that in mind when attending. Any programming not suitable for younger audiences will be clearly labeled 18+ on the schedule and will only take place after 8:00 PM at night. We recommended parents read the descriptions of all programming in the con guide or on the website (when posted) for details.

Does my child need a ticket to get in?

Children under three (3) years old get into WasabiCon free of charge. Anyone else attending must purchase admission to attend.

I’m under 18 years old. Why do I need an adult to get my ticket?

Anyone under the age of eighteen (18) years old is considered a minor in the state of Florida. Therefore, we need an adult to be with you when you pick up your badge/wristband in order to confirm you have an adult’s consent to be at the convention. Basically: we want to make sure someone knows you’re at WasabiCon so we don’t get panicked parents showing up looking for you.

Is there anything not covered with my admission ticket?

Your ticket to WasabiCon grants you access to all main events and shopping areas at the convention. However, you are responsible for your own food and souvenirs/shopping. Other costs you may want to consider:

  • Celebrity guests charge for autographs with prices posted at their booth.
  • Some workshops may charge a fee for supplies.
  • WasabiCon occasionally has gaming tournaments which may require an additional registration fee.
  • Premium events are sometimes offered such as a Maid Cafe, specialized shows, after parties or other presentations. These will charge a separate fee.

Prices for all of the aforementioned elements are typically posted in advance.

What food options are available at the convention center?

The Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center will have food vendors open inside the convention center during the event. Additionally, local food trucks will be set up outside the south entrance near the South Ballroom. Lastly, there are local dining options around the convention center.

I can no longer use my ticket to WasabiCon. What are my options?

All tickets are non-refundable according to our event policies. However, you can change the name and information on your ticket prior to pre-sales ending via Eventbrite. After online sales end, though, the ticket becomes non-transferable. 

Why did you name the event WasabiCon?

When we originally started the convention, it was a spin-off of our (Green Mustard Entertainment‘s) national Asian pop culture event production brand: Wasabi Anime. Our goal was to create a weekend experience using the top notch programming standards we’ve presented for other conventions (like FAN EXPO Canada, MEGACON, and Gen Con) for local fans. Try the green stuff. You’ll like it!