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SATURDAY, October 3, 2020

12:00 PM, Opening Ceremonies + WasabiCon Q&A
Welcome to the Wasabiverse! Tune in as we kick off a weekend of online shenanigans with Tom Croom (Wasabi Anime & WasabiCon founder) and Danielle Garbett (WasabiCon Event Coordinator) by discussing the cancellation of 2020’s IRL event, the plan for 2021, and more. We’ll also be responding to questions via chat so fans can be a part of the conversation!

1:00 PM, Manga Vs.
The Owners of The Neon Otaku and The Geek Mansion discuss Manga, and compare & contrast it with other entertainment mediums such as Comic Books, Movies/Television, and even Anime itself!

2:00 PM, Top Ten Favorite Geek Businesses in Jacksonville
Presented by Visit Jacksonville! You voted online and now we’re proud to present your top ten favorite geek-themed businesses located in Jacksonville, Florida. #SupportLocalBusiness

2:30 PM, I’m Going to My First Comic Convention! Live Reading with GeekMamas.com
I’m Going to My First Comic Convention, written by Candy Keane and Illustrated by Katherine Margaritis, tells the tale of a little boy getting ready to attend his first pop culture event and imagining all the fun things he might see and do. The book just came out and is available on Amazon. Join us for this special live reading during WasabiCon Online!

3:00 PM, Babes, Games & Geeks: Getting Started with D&D
Babes Games and Geeks will be diving into the vast world of Dungeons and Dragons. From an introduction to the game, to going over basic gameplay and how to get started they will be giving an overview on this game for those who have always wanted to try it or have needed a group to find locally in Jacksonville! This panel will be informative for both new and experienced players, with the PowerPoint presentation available for everyone to view on their Facebook page afterwards as well!

4:00 PM, Learning More about Extra Life
Extra Life is an online grassroots movement working to save local kids through the power of play. From video games to board games, Extra Lifers raise money by asking friends and family to donate. All donations go to children’s hospitals in our local community. Locally, the Extra Life Jacksonville Team raises funds throughout the year for the pediatric programs at UF Health and Wolfson Children’s Hospital. From the Extra Life program, we’ve raised money to purchase medical equipment, child life activities and educational resources for both hospitals. Join the Jacksonville Extra Life Guild to see how you can help.

5:00 PM, Designing a Made in Abyss Theme Park! Amusement Sparks feat. Brave World Anime
The Amusement Sparks Podcast will be brainstorming an immersive theme park based on Made in Abyss! If you’re not familiar with Made in Abyss, here’s a synopsis: Treasure hunters face a mysterious deadly curse and bizarre monsters as they descend into the enormous mist-filled depths of the abyss. On each episode of Amusement Sparks, fans team up to dream up immersive-next gen theme parks–Joe of Brave World Anime will be the guest on this episode. He has also collaborated on theme parks based on Cardcaptors and Kyoto Animation on previous episodes! This will be an all-ages show.

6:00 PM, 5 Reasons Why We Still Play Games and Read Comics
Hear how two veteran content creators (Badr of The Short Box podcast and Ryan of GAAM) have managed to keep themselves reinvigorated throughout the years with 5 of their favorite gaming and comic titles and moments.

7:00 PM, Maid Cafe Mikkusu: Games with Goshujinsama
Join the kawaii maids from Maid Cafe Mikkusu as they play nerdy Scattergories! Come interact and play alongside them to help your favorite maid win, win, win!

8:00 PM, Anime Death Match
Who would win when your favorite anime heroes and villains are pitted against each other in a fight to the death? Come choose your side and defend your favorite characters!

SUNDAY, October 4, 2020

12:00 PM, So You Want to Run a Gaming Tournament?
Have you ever wanted to run a gaming tournament but didn’t know how to get started? Join Ryan, host of the WasabiCon Online Tekken 7 tournament, and Alex “Duelist” Pesante with Juicy Gaming for this panel discussing the ins and outs of running a gaming tournament. From the different types of tournaments to the setup and resources involved, learn all about what goes into running a tournament both online and offline!

1:00 PM, Anime Jeopardy with The Sailor Scouts of Jacksonville
So you think you know your Anime? Bring your A-game and show us what you got! Join the Sailor Scouts for a rousing and competitive game of Anime Jeopardy!

2:00 PM, ACE ARENA Community Talk
A roundtable-style conversation at ACE ARENA with members of our community sharing their gaming experiences and social outreach. From FPS to Fighting games, meetups, and more!

3:00 PM, From Idea to Reality
Learn how to design a tabletop game from initial concept and ideation to final product in this informative panel presented by Daniel of Critical Fit. Topics discussed will include the ins and outs of game and system design, graphic design and layout guidelines, and how to bring your product to market effectively.

3:00 PM, WasabiCon Online King of the Iron Fist
WasabiCon Online is hosting a fighting game tournament for Tekken 7, hosted by RCB. Entry is free, and the winner will receive a $100 cash prize. Tekken 7 will run on PC, and registration is only for players who reside in Florida. Registration ends on Sunday, October 4th at 2 PM EST. Tournament will start at 3 PM.

4:00 PM, Maid Cafe Mikkusu: Games with Goshujinsama the Sequel!
Come join the maids of Maid Cafe Mikkusu as they play another interactive game for Sunday Funday! First, show your artistic side during Pictionary! Then laugh during a “Try Not to Laugh Dad Joke Challenge” that they are definitely going to lose right away!

5:00 PM, Tap Dance Theatre presents: Save The Video Games!
The best gamer in the world, a hot-headed player named Noobitydoo, is playing the tournament of her life, when suddenly she gets sucked into the game itself! There she has to work with new friends like Parappa the Rapper and Aerith Gainsborough to make their way through the games and defeat the MegaBoss…with high-energy, fully-choreographed TAP DANCING!!! This show has everything: humor, a nostalgic soundtrack, and most importantly, Noise!

6:00 PM, Meet the 405th: the Halo Costuming Community
The 405th Infantry Division is the global Halo costuming community. They are a builder driven and community focused organization that specialize in creating costumes and props from the acclaimed Halo video game franchise. They have appeared at numerous events around the world, most notably at the recent Halo: Outpost Discovery event put on by 343 Industries. If you’re interested in learning more about this organization and taking your first steps to living out the Halo universe, this panel is a must!

7:00 PM, Learn to Play Dinosaur World (live on Kickstarter now!)
The dino-heads at Pandasaurus Games will be leading a live demo of the Kickstarter hit, Dinosaur World. This new standalone game in the Dinosaur Island universe has tons of hype and adds a lot of new mechanics to an award-winning and gamer-beloved game. Check out the Kickstarter live here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pandasaurus/dinosaur-world-and-dinosaur-island-rawr-n-write?ref=b19rq5