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Register for space as an Exhibitor at WasabiCon PDX.
The Vendors Room at WasabiCon PDX 2021
The Vendors Room at WasabiCon PDX 2021
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WasabiCon PDX is seeking exhibitors and vendors that appeal to fans of video games, tabletop gaming, cosplay, Asian culture and pop culture in general. Our convention offers a great opportunity to sell merchandise in a family-friendly marketplace or just help get your brand noticed by our attendees. For 2023, we will (again) offer an 18+ Only section for exhibitors. Limited vendor space will be available there, too.

Prior to applying, please review our Exhibitor Policies.

To apply, click the “REGISTER TO BE A VENDOR” button above, and then select Exhibitors. From there, select Vendors or Vendors (18+). Select “Join waitlist” and complete your information to apply. Once approved, payment will be processed and you will be notified. If you aren’t approved, we will cancel your order and let you know.

2023 Vendor List

Coming soon!