FEATURED TALENT: Ben Briggs (@bbriggsmusic) + dj-Jo + Hoshikuzu Kid!

Benjamin Briggs
Ben Briggs has been producing for more than a decade, and is now an established “nerdy” entertainer. He’s appeared at conventions all over the world, including Otakon, AFO, and many more. Well known for his remixes of video game music and chiptune influence, he puts on a high-energy show full of positive vibes and LOTS of dancing. With any luck his plan for world domination will succeed, one smile at a time.

With a massive YouTube subscriber base, Florida native dj-Jo is well known for his quality anime, video game, and Vocaloid remixes. He is a proud Otaku with a keen sense for music and Japanese culture. Drawing inspiration from EDM legends like Robert DeLong and Porter Robinson, Jo goes above and beyond standard DJing to create an unforgettable musical experience.

Hoshikuzu Kid
As a genuine superfan of everything Japanese, Hoshikuzu Kid is quite possibly the most authentic Otaku DJ in the southeast United States. He includes J-pop, Japanese dance, Vocaloid and anime music into highly technical, seamless sets that are sure to electrify any dance floor. He is also the driving force behind Akiba Crash, a recurring J-Pop dance party in central Florida.

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ALL THREE will be performing at our dance Saturday night… DETAILS FORTHCOMING!