SPONSOR: Borderlands Comics and Games in Jacksonville, Florida

BorderlandsBorderlands Comics and Games is one of Jacksonville’s comic books and gaming stores. A large selection of back issue comics along with the newest comic books every Wednesday. We specialize in a setting up a comic book pull for your favorite series so you are sure to never miss a issue, and along with that a free bag and board with your subscription. For every $5 dollars you spend you earn a $.50 stamp and once you acquire ten stamps, it gives you $5 off your comic book purchase. You have the option to use them each time, or save them to help with a bigger purchase such as your favorite comic book hero statue.

Borderlands also has a wide selection of table top miniatures from the popular Sci-fi and Fantasy to Historical gaming, so whatever your favorite genre to play is we have you it for you. Also don’t see it on the wall? Ask one of the many helpful store employees and we’ll get it on order for you and pass a 10% savings on to you.

Role players we didn’t forget about you either, we carry a large selection of table top rpg games, from Dungeons and Dragons to Pathfinder to Vampire the Masquerade. A great selection of games that fit your needs and the needs of your group.

We also carry a large selection of fun, challenging and great boardgames. We have everything from some of the newer main stream games to those hard to find ones as well. Don’t see what you want in the store? Talk to one of our helpful employees and we can probably order for you. Plus, you get a 10% savings on the game passed along to you.

Need a place to play? Need to get out of the house? New to the miniature, rpg, boardgame world? Check out the Outpost, a gaming room that provides six 4’x8′ tables for your gaming needs. Want to make sure you have a table, call ahead to reserve your table.

Since YEAR ONE of WasabiCon, Borderlands has been an amazing supporter of our convention.  We honestly can’t say thank you enough to their team for helping us create a home for fans in Jacksonville.