FEATURED ARTIST: Brittani Marie Crawford

Brittani Marie CrawfordDo you like the new Wasabizilla art that has been showing up?  That’s the talent work of Brittani Crawford.

Brittani Marie Crawford is an artist, animator, and Corgi enthusiast based out of Jacksonville, FL. She earned her BFA at Kansas City Art Institute after receving world class instruction in a variety of visual arts, including 2D hand-drawn animation, graphic design, and painting. She considers herself a jack-of-all-trades and in the years since completing university has undertaken projects ranging from detailed sculpture, to costuming, painting, and video game concept art. She also has a passion for teaching and currently instructs adult painting classes, though she also spent 2 years overseas in Japan, teaching English to children.

Though she’s only been a Floridian for two years, Ms. Crawford has been very active in the local artistic community, serving as an invitational artist at GAAM (where she unveiled a 6-foot tall Charizard statue!). Her art inspirations pull heavily from the styles of her favorite anime and video games, especially the Final Fantasy series, Akihiko Yoshida, and the Dragon Age series. She considers hobby and career to be one and the same and will happily discuss chiarascuro techniques with the same passion as Bioware love interests (though Ms. Crawford will not be swayed from the mind that the only correct choices are Alistair and Fenris).

She will be set up in Artist Alley at WasabiCon this year – so swing by and say hi!