Tara Sands at WasabiCon 2016 (Schedule)

WasabiCon is THIS WEEKEND and we’re thrilled to host the voice of Bulbasaur, Tara Sands, in her first ever appearance in Jacksonville, Florida.

Tara will appear at two panels over the course of the weekend…

Tara SandsSATURDAY, 12:00 PM: Q&A with Tara Sands – EVENTS A
Beyond being the voice of Bulbasaur in Pokemon, Tara has voiced Angel and Tyler in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” Anna Kyoyama in “Shaman King,” Mokuba Kaiba in the original English adaptation of “Yu-Gi-Oh!,” and the upcoming film “The Dark Side of Dimensions.”  Join her for this Q&A about working in the animation voice industry!

SUNDAY, 12:00 PM: Meet Tara Sands: The Voice of Bulbasaur! – EVENTS A
Tara played the roles of Bulbasaur, Ritchie, Sammy, Oddish, Tori, Bugsy, Cissy and Jasmine (as well as over 40 other characters) in the original “Pokemon” dub – and she even plays Pokemon GO! Join her for this one our discussion about “catching ‘em all!”

She will also be signing autographs when the Vendors Room opens each day (1:00 PM Saturday after her panel; 11:00 AM Sunday).  Autographs are $20.  Photos (with your camera) are $10.  PLEASE NOTE: Tara will be away from his table from time to time for panels/breaks, so check his table for the latest updates each day.