FEATURED TALENT: Jig to a Milestone (@JigToAMilestone) will perform at WasabiCon!

JigToAMilestoneJig to a Milestone, Celtic folk duo hailing from the nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida. Their unconventional instrumentation and eclectic song list makes for a unique and rich listening experience. They cover all your favorite ballads, pub classics, instrumentals, sea shanties, and the occasional bawdy tunes.

Handsome and quirky, Jason Catron is the voice and rhythm of the group. He plays a barrage of stringed instruments including guitar, Irish bouzouki, mandocello, tenor banjo, and mandolin. Tearing through jigs at a breakneck speed, Jason’s fingers of fire take flight on his handy tin whistle. His rich, lilting baritone fills the air with the purist tone that will make you believe you’re kissing the Blarney Stone! Victoria Van Arnam on the Hammer Dulcimer is the inspiration for the group’s dynamic. Hammers framming, her dulcimer fills the room with a haunting sound, sure to delight.

Check them out online: jigtoamilestone.com