FEATURED TALENT: For The Love of Clod

Known by their fans as “Bob”, For the Love of Clod has been making waves in the Steven Universe cosplay community since 2016.  Their Peridot impression and propensity to cosplay characters immediately after their television debut have propelled For the Love of Clod to the forefront of the Steven Universe fan scene. Bob has hosted events at Wasabicon, Metrocon, Momocon, and more with distinctly interactive panels and quirky cosplays such as “Bob the Builder” and Peridot cosplaying as Percy from Camp Pining Hearts.

With over ten thousand instagram followers and lively YouTube videos in the works, For the Love of Clod loves talking panels, body paint, and together breakfast.

Find for the Love of Clod at patreon.com/clod and as For the Love of Clod on Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr and Facebook!