GAAM is Games Art And Music.

GAAM’s current goal is the GAAM Show, a Games Art And Music Charity Show that will raise money for the Child’s Play Charity, and help spread awareness and acceptance of gaming’s impact on our culture, the warmth they give our childhoods, and the creative spark it gives our adulthood. Gaming is the meeting of art and technology, and this show recognizes and appreciates that.

You can learn more about them online at gamesartandmusic.com

The will be hosting a panel Saturday at 2:00 PM in PANELS A…

Your GAAM Answers: The Past, Present, and Future
GAAM Creator Ryan Paul Thompson and GAAM staff members speak about the origins of GAAM:: Games Arts And Music and why they do what they do, what GAAM Jacksonville has become, and where they see it going in the future. Also featuring Q&A with the GAAM staff and giveaways!