FEATURED TALENT: Hijynx Cosplay is coming to WasabiCon!

Hijynx Cosplay started her journey back in 2014, and has been going strong ever since. Not knowing how to sew with a machine or any prior craft knowledge, she dove head first into the wonderful world of cosplay. For the past two years Hijynx has spent most of her time working with local charity groups visiting children in hospitals, working with American Cancer Society, Relay For Life, and countless others. She has a heart for children and loves being able to spread the love and joy of both superheroes and cosplaying to those around her. Since then, Hijynx began paneling all across the Gulf Coast and dedicated her time to helping and teaching others around her various skills such as wig styling, foamsmithing, and how to break into the cosplay scene with starting up a page and how to navigate through social media. In her spare time she can be found playing any form of Animal Crossing and trying desperately to get caught up on her favorite anime.