EVENT: The WasabiCon Lip Sync-Off

Inspired by this bit on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (http://www.hulu.com/watch/537026?asset_scope=all&playlist_id=1031) – we are hosting our own Lip Sync-Off contest!

Winners are picked by the hosts (WasabiCon Staff) and audience response.

YOU: Bring a 30 second song clip to perform. Come in costume. Come as yourself. Perform as Naruto or Captain Kirk. It’s up to you! US: We’ll provide the mic (which won’t work) and something to play your audio.

PLEASE NOTE: We will only play 45 seconds of a song… so if the part you want to lip-sync is in the middle of the song you *must* edit it in advance. (We won’t “fast forward” to the part you want; have your music ready.)  Please bring music in MP3 format on a thumb drive. We cannot pull the song off of your iPod, laptop, etc.

ALSO NOTE: This event may contain adult themes and material. Parental discretion is advised.

This event will take place Saturday evening (November 2nd) at 9:30 PM in PANELS A.

Sing it!