FEATURED TALENT: Kii Cosplays is coming to WasabiCon!

Kii (Kii Cosplay) has been cosplaying for nearly seven years. In addition, they regularly speak publicly about LGBT rights, and they’ve used these skills gained to present nearly twenty panels at conventions all along the east coast.

Kii’s personal favorite skill relating to cosplay is special effects makeup and body paint, though they also enjoy sewing and working with foam. In addition to using social media to share their craft, they also have used their online voice to educate people on disability-topics, as they have a physical disability, and they’ve learned that many people with disabilities are shy or embarrassed about cosplaying.

Kii’s message is one of inclusiveness – something WasabiCon firmly believes in for all its attendees! We look forward to seeing their presentations at this year’s convention!