The PANELS of Paul Chapman (@gooberzilla) at #WasabiCon 2013

Mr. Chapman’s panels will all take place Saturday during the convention.  Don’t miss out on the eclectic panel goodness…

11:00 AM – Tears of the Robot – An entertaining and educational look at the portrayal of robots in fiction and pop culture. [MAIN EVENTS]

3:00 PM – Kaiju-a-Go-Go – This panel celebrates the highs and lows of giant monster movies. Tracing the evolution of kaiju films from their earliest expressions to their most recent incarnations, Kaiju-a-Go-Go features appearances by Godzilla, Gamera, and many lesser known titanic beasts. [MAIN EVENTS]

6:00 PM – 10 Martial Arts Films You Should See  – Examining ten influential martial arts films spanning nearly four decades of cinema, this is an introductory panel for budding fans of kung fu movies and Shaolin masters alike. [MAIN EVENTS]

11:59 PM – Mazes and Monsters: Midnight Movie Experience – An endurance run through the infamous anti-Dungeons & Dragons propaganda film from 1982, hosted by Paul Chapman of the Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast. Beware the sacrilege! [PANELS A]