FREE Wasabizilla Meeple with your pre-registered ticket to WasabiCon!

Tabletop Gaming became a integral part of WasabiCon starting in 2013, and we’ve continued to expand with it ever since.  This year, WasabiCon will feature over 2,000 square feet of tabletop gaming space featuring a variety of board games, CCGs, RPGs, and more.  (Details coming soon.)

As part of our respect for that fandom in Jacksonville, we’ve partnered with Meeple Source to create the officially licensed WasabiCon Meeple featuring our mascot, Wasabizilla, for your gaming needs.

How do you get him?

HE’S FREE… to everyone who buys their ticket to WasabiCon in advance.  (Saturday, Sunday, and Weekend Passes all apply!)  Just one more reason to buy your advance ticket to WasabiCon 2017.  Here’s the link:

WasabiCon… #NotJustAnime