Hey #WalkingDead Fans! WasabiCon’s got you covered. (Added Guest!)

Michael Jaegers started his career in acting unexpectedly in 1995 as a civil war soldier for TNT’s Andersonville. After a long filming drought in Georgia, productions started lining up to take advantage of very lucrative tax incentives to film there. Michael started working bit parts on the CW Network’s hit show The Vampire Diaries when production began in 2009. He has done some behind the scenes work for the ABC series Resurrection in both season 1 and 2. Michael is also doing quite a bit of stand-in work for Lifetime Network’s Devious Maids as well as the pilot for Red Band Society, a new show that will air on Fox this fall.

This led to film projects like Hall Pass with Owen Wilson, The Change Up with Ryan Reynolds and Flight with Denzel Washington, Anchorman 2 with Will Ferrell and Hunger Games, Catching Fire among others.

Michael considers himself lucky having been able to have worked for 3 of the 4 seasons of The Walking Dead and has portrayed 17 different walkers. He was featured as the walker in the pivotal scene in the Season 2 finale when he fell on Andrea. He has amassed numerous nicknames from his different scenes, such as “Jaegers Bomb” and “Head Pop Walker” on The Talking Dead. In the season 4 premiere, he can be seen as one of the “Big Spot Walkers” crawling up Glenn’s leg.

This will be Michael’s first WasabiCon appearance!  You can learn more about him on The Walking Dead Wiki: http://walkingdead.wikia.com/wiki/Michael_Jaegers