NEW CONTEST! Win this rare Sailor Moon Crystal poster from WasabiCon 2015!

12108235_766339753474572_6467417038851153013_nOur last online contest was a huge hit – so we’re going to do another one before WasabiCon 2015 is upon us.

And this one of for all you moonies out there.

Over the summer, the team from WasabiCon went to Anime Expo in Los Angeles and saw Momoiro Clover Z in concert.  If you’re not familiar: MCZ is the band responsible for the theme song to the new Sailor Moon series: Sailor Moon Crystal.

Here’s the video from the song, “Moon Pride”:

FUN FACT: Momoiro Clover Z has even collaborated with rock legends KISS on a song.  No.  Seriously.  Check it out:

ANYWAY: While we were there, we scored this really cool Sailor Moon poster promoting Sailor Moon Crystal and the band.  Here’s a full photo:


The poster is about 20 inches wide.

Since the amazingly talented Amanda Miller (the voice of Sailor Jupiter) is joining us for WasabiCon 2015 – we figured this made sense as a prize.


  1. Buy your ticket for WasabiCon 2015 online:
  2. You’re entered!

(It’s really that easy.)

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We’ll pick from all the tickets purchased before Saturday, October 10th at midnight and announce the winner online.

Good luck!