WasabiCon is here! Additional Event Descriptions are UP!

We’re about to kick off the first ever WASABICON in Jacksonville, Florida.

Trying to find the hotel? CLICK HERE TO SEE IT ON GOOGLE MAPS.

Here’s some additional event information:

Games available in he room:

  • Xbox 360 – Call of Duty MW3
  • PS3 – AquaPazza; Gundam Extreme VS ; KillZone 3; SoulCalibur V;Marvel vs, Capcom3: Fate of Two Worlds, One Piece: Pirate Warriors; .hack//Versus
There will be tournaments (with prizes!) throughout the day.  Stop by the room for details.

Aaron’s Con Survival Guide –  Aaron Pabon has gone to numerous of conventions as an attendee, panelist, guest and has worked in every position of a convention. Who better then to tell you the in’s and outs of con-life?

Action Pro-Bending with Aaron Pabon – Pro-Bending is the latest fictional sport to come to life. Aaron Pabon, president of the league, will teach you the sport, how you can start a team, and join the Live Action Pro-Bending League!

Anime Music Videos 101 – Have you ever wanted to make an AMV? Do you spend hours on Youtube watching all sorts? Well, if you have, then this panel is the one for you! This instructional panel on the art of Anime Music Videos gives you an indepth look at the the art and the effort that goes into it. We will be covering a range of programs, styles and types, including VGMV and MMV. So if you want to be entertained for a while and learn something in the process, then stop by and see what the deal is with one of the most popular ways fans show their love to their series.

Ask a Sburban – Your name is HOMESTUCK FAN or CURIOUS CON-GOER. As was previously mentioned this is the HOMESTUCK FAN PANEL. There will be a variety of CHARACTERS, who might actually answer your questions about their PERSONAL BUSINESS.  What will you do?

Geek Stand-Up Comedy performance feat. Aaron Pabon – Comedian Aaron Pabon is a rare breed of comedians. Unlike others that preform at clubs and venues of the like, he has a favor of performing them at con’s and events of the like. Why? Because he is a geek!

Great Robot Pirate Wars of the Bronze Age – FREE SANDWICHES – Great. Now we’ve got your attention. There once was a wise man named Bartholomew R Franklin who said “Bears ate my wife and now my oranges won’t grow”. We’re not sure of good ol’ Bart really said that, but we keep that spirit in mind to this day. Bears are scary. Seriously. And everyone loves oranges.But do not fret, our panel is bear free and we have plenty of oranges (That’s a lie).  COME EMBRACE THE MADNESS (We also lied about the sandwiches)

Hetalia Ask-A-Nation! – Have you ever wondered what the nations think? Or wanted to ask them questions? Well, we’ve made an event where you can do just that! At our Ask-A-Nation panel you have the chance to ask the countries from Hetalia: Axis Powers questions, and they’ll respond to them all!  We have trivia and prizes so be sure to come!

If You Like Jacob Black, I’ll Punch You In The Face – Do you like emo boys that sparkle? Do you wonder who won in a stare-off with Bella? How that one shirt survives being shared by all those werewolves? If these questions boggle your mind (or how Twilight even is half as popular as it is), come to this panel and find out? Or not, and just make jokes about a series that frankly…is just wack.

Nintendo 3DS STREEPASS – For all owners of a Nintendo 3DS who probably have them with you to pick up Streetpass Miis, bring it to us so we can all play together.  after you think you have everyone’s Streetpass, anyone who has a 2 player game and wants someone to play with can split up into groups, like Mario Kart, or Kingdom hearts Dream Drop Distance, or even non 3d games like Pokemon Black or White, who want to battle.

Odin: Photon Space Sailor Starlight Endurance Marathon – “The Odin: Photon Space Sailor Starlight Midnight Endurance Marathon” – In 1985, producer Yoshinobu “The Nish” Nishizaki attempted to recapture the success of Space Battleship Yamato, one of Japan’s most influential and enduring anime properties.  The result was Odin: Photon Space Sailer Starlight, 139 minutes of stultifying, animated hell.  Join Paul Chapman and Thomas Pandich as they attempt to navigate the stars in a solar-powered clipper ship on a quest to discover the truth behind humanity’s origins and the mysterious planet known as Odin.  If you thought Prometheus was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. See if you can make it all the way through!

Old Hollywood and Anime – What do old Hollywood films have in common with anime? Probably not a whole heck of a lot, but come anyway to this panel hosted by a guy who will desperately attempt to convince you they do by presenting films from 1930 to 1969 that share similar tropes, characteristics, or influences with various anime. With any luck, anime fans will get interested in old Hollywood, while those non-fans dragged here can hopefully become intrigued by the anime presented as examples.

Paranormal 101 – Learn the basics of paranormal investigation. The Do’s the Don’ts; Where you can learn to hone your skills; How to get involved with a reputable team; The basic tech tools you will need.

Paul Chapman: Tears of the Robot – “Tears of the Robot” is an irreverent look at the portrayal of humanoid robots in pop culture.  Join Paul Chapman, host of “The Greatest Movie EVER!” podcast, as he explores the origins of androids and automatons in fiction as well as the many roles that they play in fantasy and film.  Learn what robots can tell us about human culture.

Star Trek U.S.S. Exeter – All Things Star Trek Discovered – A member of Jacksonville’s local Starfleet branch, the U.S.S. Exeter, John Sims has been a lifelong fan of Star Trek since it’s first airing in 1966. Come join him as he discusses the timeline of the series, it’s influence on pop culture, sci-fi, and real life science, and enjoy a Q&A discussion.

Star Trek U.S.S. Exeter – Physics of Warp Drive – Faster than light travel is a cornerstone for many science fiction franchises given the great distances between the stars.  The concept of Warp Drive, made famous by Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek, utilizes actual physical principles to solve this problem.  In this presentation, both classical and modern physics and some astronomy are discussed within the framework of the Star Trek universe to address both the science fiction and science fact of superluminous travel.

Technology & The Paranormal – Get answers about the gear, equipment, and technology used in the paranormal field.   Get up close and personal with the tools that we use on investigations as well as a Q&A

Vocaloid Mania  -Do you want to learn what Vocaloid is? Have you heard of Vocaloid but don’t know much about it? Is it possible that you just want to have a blast and listen to some Vocaloid songs? If so then come on over. I will teach you the basics about Vocaloid and about 14 different Vocaloids. I will also be playing 14 different Vocaloid songs. Who knows maybe your favorite song might be shown.