FEATURED TALENT: Robot Costumes USA is coming to WasabiCon!

Jeff Leininger from Robot Costumes USA started his unusual career working as a sub-contractor for entertainment companies like Disney and Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. Learning from some of the best engineers in the theme park business, Jeff was able to then produce lightweight composites and unique finishes which then became useful with his hobby of making costumes. Futuristic or Robot costumes was always a favorite category of costumes to Jeff after watching Star Wars (C3PO) perform during the 80’s. Jeff produced robot costumes and then competed in Halloween costume contests to win large cash prizes. It was not until a businessman offered to buy one of his costumes after Halloween did he know that he actually had a product.

Jeff Leininger then founded Robot Costumes USA in 2002 producing custom costumes to his former employers and theme parks all over the world. In 2007, Robot Costumes USA started a line of 20 stock costumes of his own designs for clients to purchase. This was the turning point for Jeff Leininger and Robot Costumes USA to become one of the top costume manufactures in the US which exports over 200 costumes each year. Selling to companies like Disney, Hasbro, Universal Studios, Samsung, Chevron, Rovio Entertainment and Blizzard.

Jeff Leininger’s custom robot costumes have been used on TV Shows like, Disney’s Kick-in it, Disney’s Lab Rats, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Fox’s Bones. Also, many US and international commercials as well as films. There is even an entire restaurant in Tokyo, Japan based around Jeff’s costumes called the Robot Restaurant. Producing over 200 costumes per year worldwide.


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