FEATURED TALENT: Critical Fit is coming to help you LEVEL UP at WasabiCon 2018!

What is Critical Fit?  From the website:

“Fitness can seem like a daunting challenge for many of us. We struggle with the uncertainty of where to begin, the sheer number of options available to us, and the feeling that we may never change the way we currently are. I challenge these notions. With the guidance in this book and the programs presented herein, anyone can find success in fitness whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned fitness veteran. The program features a self-assessment protocol to determine your individual strengths and weaknesses, a system of workouts that give you the options to pursue your chosen domain of fitness, and progressions that keep you engaged and interested in that pursuit…” (Read more: www.critical.fit/about/)

Check out this unique crossover of fitness and RPG culture as Critical Fit helps you roll for your own initiative during and after WasabiCon 2018!

You can learn more at www.critical.fit