WasabiCon, Jacksonville’s Ultimate Pop Culture Convention, is THIS WEEKEND!

WasabiCon is Jacksonville’s ultimate convention for fans of anime, cartoons, comic books, gaming, and all around geek culture.  The event takes place Saturday and Sunday, November 2-3, 2013 at the Jacksonville Marriott located right off of I-95 near Butler Blvd.  Tickets are $20 for Saturday, $15 for Sunday, or $30 for the weekend.

We have a solid guest list for our second event in Jacksonville, and we’re proud to welcome William Salyers – the voice of Rigby from the popular Adult Swim program Regular Show.   Mr. Salyers will be on site all weekend hosting panels and signing autographs for fans.


In addition, we’re also welcoming Chris Cason (Mr. Popo and Tien Shinhan in Dragonball Z), Candy Keane (our Cosplay guest of honor), Paranormal Crossroads (our Paranormal guests of honor), Paul Chapman (our Podcast guest of honor), and Lisle Wilkerson (Nina Williams and Christie Monteiro in Tekken 5).

ChrisCason MINI_CandyKeane ParanormalCrossroads MINI_PaulChapman LisleWilkerson

Also joining us…


brema consolealliance gaam JeniferAnn noisecomplaint RachelPandich


501st cowfordsteampunk jacksonvilleanimeclub umbrella

Questions about the event?  Email us at contact@WasabiCon.com.  See you at the show!