Like Honest Trailers? Meet the voice behind them at WasabiCon!

If you’re a fan of movies and your have an Internet connection, odds are you’ve heard of Honest Trailers (from Screen Junkies) on YouTube?  You know that voice?  Yes, THAT voice.  That’s Jon Bailey.

Jon Bailey went from a fan of cartoons, games, and movies while flipping burgers to becoming a full-time professional voice actor. He’s voiced hundreds of movie trailers, toys, commercials and webtoons and the voices for The Council and The Elder in the award-winning XCOM: Enemy Unknown game as well as characters in other upcoming video game titles. Jon is also a writer, designer, editor and producer as part of the world’s first virtual animation studio Fanbuilt.

Here’s the most recent Honest Trailer:

Here’s some more to check out!

Fight Club –

Transformers: Age of Extinction –

The Fault in Our Stars –

Godzilla (2014) –

Ghostbusters –

Captain America: The Winter Soldier –