FEATURED TALENT: Cosplay Talent & GeekMamas.com Blogger CANDY KEANE is returning to WasabiCon!

Candy Keane is a Florida cosplayer and costume designer that got her start making and wearing the infamous Slave Leia costume, which put her on the cover of Jedi Junkies, featured on the E! channel’s Top 25 Most Memorable Swimsuit Moments and in the Morgan Spurlock ComicCon documentary and book, where she also appears as Wonder Woman. She also made the costume worn by Kristen Bell in the movie Fanboys.

Candy won her first costume contest at the age of 5, and has been dressing up ever since. Her love of creating costumes led to a boutique and costume business that she ran for 11 years before closing in 2016 to concentrate on personal projects and raising her son. She plans on recapturing more of the fun aspects of costuming that got her started in the first place and is excited to embark on a new family focused cosplay venture while writing for her blog GeekMamas.com and sharing her costume making expertise on her YouTube channel Sew Geek Mama.


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