SPONSOR WasabiCon 2019. Here’s how!

Started in 2001 as Wasabi Anime®, Green Mustard Entertainment (www.GreenMustard.com) is a production company that designs, operates, and promotes events for consumer-focused media shows (aka “pop culture conventions.”) Our experienced team of artists, designers, event managers, and performers have developed themed entertainment for a number of internationally known conventions and festivals across North America including Anime Expo, Calgary/Edmonton Expo, Dragon Con, Fan Expo Boston/Canada/Dallas, Florida Supercon, Gen Con, MEGACON, Origins Game Fair, and many, may more.

In 2012, Green Mustard Entertainment started WasabiCon® as a one-day event focused on video games, cosplay, anime, and “geek culture”. The event drew over 500 attendees that year, and in 2013 the convention was expanded into a two-day event. Since that first event, attendance has grown to exceed 3,600 fans over the event’s two days in 2018 – an average of 33% per year.

Learn more by downloading our 2019 sponsorship packet here: WasabiCon.com/WasabiCon2019Sponsorship.pdf