THANK YOU from the WasabiCon Team!

In early July, in the year 2012, the team at Green Mustard Entertainment (aka “Wasabi Anime”) decided to jump on an opportunity that had presented itself: there was no longer any form of “geek” event taking place in the Jacksonville, FL area in October. This void needed to be filled, and our team took it upon themselves to create a new experience for fans of anime, comics, science fiction, video games, and geek culture.

Thus, WasabiCon was born.

It was not a smooth road. These things usually take 8-12 months to get off the ground, and we had only four months to get everything together. We had to make some changes and some concessions, but thanks to the support of all of you out there in the fan community, we chugged along relentlessly with our promotion and planning, making every effort to deliver a fun event.

So…We want to extend a HUGANTIC AND GINORMOUS “THANK YOU!” to the amazing people out there that came out to our first-year convention and made it a success! Without you, we are nothing and there is no show. You all stuck with us through the ups and downs, and we can never thank you enough.

THANK YOU also, to our amazing guests and groups for graciously agreeing to come and help us out by running presentations and panels and enriching the event all around!
-Gregg Berger
-Paul Chapman
-Aaron Pabon
-Paranormal Crossroads Investigations
-The 501st Legion
-Starfleet group from the U.S.S. Exeter
-Rurouni Kitsune Outfitters and Arena (for the EXTREMELY popular sword arena)

A big THANK YOU to Jennifer and Theresa from Jacksonville Marriott! You and your team helped us with everything we needed for our little event.

Thank you to all the vendors and artists who came out to support our convention!

And THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to the AMAZING staff of WasabiCon 2012 for making the darn thing run. We were short on staffers, and you all went above and beyond the call of duty (some of you were even working when you should have been at home in bed sick!).
-Lyn Adams
-Kaleb Brooks
-Shannon Croom
-Tom Croom
-Jocelyn Enriquez
-Eddie Hall (remote I.T. support)
-Diane Hunnicutt
-Ray Hunnicutt
-Tracy Hunnicutt
-John Lackey
-Annie Mulligan
-Ryan Mulligan
-Dave Munn
-Janice Nabbe
-Katie Nabbe
-Ken Nabbe
-Tom Nabbe
-Erik Reiss
-Jennifer St. Pierre
-Crystal Technavanich

-Karen Trudeau
-Paul Welch

WasabiCon 2012 has been a wonderful experience, and we appreciate every person who helped make it the success it was.

Now…. ON TO 2013!!

Ryan Mulligan, Con Chair for WasabiCon 2012