FEATURED TALENT: Noise Complaint (Cosplay Tap Dance Troupe)

NoiseComplaintFTNoise Complaint is Florida’s premiere professional tap ensemble…

… that also cosplays.

They perform many types of shows from one-song one-offs to full length productions. Tap Dancers are dancers as well as musicians, and through the rhythms we create with their feet and their bodies along with some of the best music, new and old, they put together stellar performances that will have you both glued to the edge of your seat and dying to get up and dance.

There truly is no way to describe the experience of a Noise Complaint show, but the following adjectives may apply:​​

Loud | Rhythmic | Exciting | Musical​ | Nerdy​ | Epic | Fun
​ Fun | ​Memorable​ | Infectious | Strange (in a good way!)

…and most importantly: TAP​!!

**Technically, “tap” isn’t an adjective by any standard dictionary. However, with Noise Complaint, “TAP” is a noun, a verb, an adjective and a way of life.

This year Noise Complaint’s Saturday performance will be a “geeky Halloween” themed one for the occasion.  You won’t want to miss it!

Check out Noise Complaint’s official website: www.noisecomplaintlive.com